Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Project 1: Leadership Development

Presenting Issue: Organization had a desire to create a strong leadership culture that would be aligned with carefully selected competencies.
Approach: Created a two-year leadership program for executive leadership. Program included: training classes, self-reflection, 360 feedback, action learning projects, and individual coaching.
Impact: New leaders emerged within the organization. Cross company collaboration increased – with sharing of resources and strategies. Action learning projects solved organization issues.

Project 2: Merging Organizations

Presenting Issue: Two organizations needed assistance becoming one integrated department – the City and County of Denver.
Approach: Utilized strategic appreciative inquiry process – which involved staff, managers and stakeholders internal and external to the city.
Impact: Integrated the organization with one clear mission; facilitated open communication, strong working relationships and clear direction.

Project 3: Difficult Conversation/Team Building

Presenting Issue: A product leadership team with high technical skills was struggling to find the leadership skills required to lead a complex organization.
Approach: Coached executives, individually and collectively. Provided skills training, and facilitated leadership decision-making.
Impact: Doubled revenue in one year period. Leadership was positioned to move up organizationally.

Project 4: Executive Coaching

Presenting Issue: Senior vice president was a retention risk due to not understanding the politics of his company and due to difficulty moving agendas forward.
Approach: Provided on-going coaching, including bi-weekly sessions, 360 feedback, and regular measurement and evaluation.
Impact: organization saved cost of full salary plus replacement, when Senior VP chose to stay within the organization.