Our Approach

Pollard Consulting works closely with its clients to build capacity, ensure accountability, and create value throughout the organization. Our extensive experience allows us to identify both a client’s strengths and challenges, including issues that may have thwarted previous efforts to create sustainable growth.

Working across a wide array of industries in the private, for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors, both in the United States and around the globe, Pollard Consulting has expertise:

  • Developing performance-driven leaders and teams
  • Ensuring that all employees are empowered, accountable, and mission-driven
  • Leveraging assets across the organization, including at the team and individual levels
  • Facilitating collaborative learning across diverse groups
  • Providing comprehensive change programs that include pre-assessment diagnostics, implementation strategies, and post-assessment measurement tools


Organizations that partner with Pollard Consulting have experienced the benefits of a newly empowered workforce and improved corporate culture that includes:

  • Deep understanding of the mission and clear vision for the future
  • Trust among all stakeholders, especially employees, that allows for difficult but necessary conversations
  • Commitment, growth and ownership – at all levels
  • Inspired ideas, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity

Utilizing a wide variety of methodologies to meet each client’s needs, Pollard Consulting leads its clients toward self-sufficiency and puts in place a secure structure and healthy culture where employees are empowered and organizations succeed.