Consulting Services

Developing Leaders

It’s simple. Successful businesses are driven by successful leaders.

High-performing leaders are required to think strategically, take responsibility, communicate clearly, learn from mistakes, and plan for the future. Furthermore, given the uncertainty and complexity in today’s environments, leadership requires a high level of cognitive readiness and adaptability. At Pollard Consulting, we empower our clients to think critically and creatively, act objectively, and develop behaviors for long-term success.

We start by evaluating one’s current approach to leading and how it impacts employees and the organization’s overall performance. We make sure your current and future leaders have the tools to drive performance and thrive in today’s unpredictable business environment.

Meeting Facilitation

Pollard Consulting has the expertise to ensure your meetings produce results. Unlike other facilitators, we understand process AND business, which enables us to create an environment that’s conducive to open, fruitful discussion. Our goal is to:

  • Deliver engaging and worthwhile meetings
  • Create a space for honest dialogue among all attendees
  • Grow and develop critical thinking skills among stakeholders
  • Stimulate participation and creative thinking
  • Provide a structure for making decisions –-big and small

Pollard Consulting can facilitate your next meeting with objectivity, professionalism, and expertise that get results and boosts productivity.

Managing Change

Today’s businesses compete in a fast-paced global marketplace, where the international requirements, technology, manufacturing, operations, and the skills needed to succeed are changing constantly and rapidly. In order to be successful, business leaders need to anticipate and recognize this unprecedented level of change and complexity, ensuring they and their organizations are positioned to respond quickly and effectively.

Businesses continue to fail at managing change. However complex, change itself doesn’t disrupt these organizations. What disrupts them is the failure to effectively manage that change. Pollard Consulting understands this and works with organizations to develop and help them execute sustainable change management plans.

With Pollard Consulting’s expertise and support, your organization will not only be prepared to negotiate change but to also thrive and grow. From the top layer down, your employees will have the tools they need to manage the uncertainty, as well as embrace and take ownership of their roles during this transformation.

Team Development

High-performing teams increase an organization’s productivity and profitability. However, guaranteeing teams or business units perform at the highest levels requires thoughtful planning and development.

For more than twenty years, Pollard Consulting has worked with organizations to develop successful teams by:

  • Building team strength and cultivating an understanding that the company is stronger when the group works together
  • Providing alignment around the team’s objectives
  • Creating a structure that maximizes cooperation and collaboration
  • Establishing trust and open communication
  • Identifying roles within the group, including those of leaders
  • Setting goals for which the group is accountable

Pollard Consulting will ensure your teams have the necessary skills to work together efficiently, effectively and productively, which will impacts your bottom line and get results.